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Towns and cities are complex and multi-layered ecosystems, each with their own distinctive cultural DNA, their own way of living, their own urban texture, routines and social interaction.

We specialise in innovative and creative methods for mapping the distinctive character of places, which include strategic assessment of local resources and visioning exercises for placemaking and place branding.

We work with visual artists, film makers, musicians, urban designers and architects to develop communication campaigns, visual identity, online presence, dedicated events, celebrations and tourism strategies.

We network with consultants and agents on ad hoc basis for accessing EU funds, and work with clients from national and regional authorities to help their towns and cities to become more attractive to investors as well as more liveable for their citizens.

We also work with real estate owners to develop creative and holistic solutions to the challenges of urban transformations. Flaneurs is an international joint collaboration project between Noema Ltd. and Little Greta Ltd. 

About the Authors


Noema is a leading cultural planning consultancy with a strong international reputation, offering a unique and innovative approach to placemaking, regeneration and urban transformation based on mapping and creative thinking.

Little Greta

Little Greta is a little but great international team of creatives, providing a complete design and communication service, with specialties in digital media, graphic design and multimedia. The team benefits from its membership of United Advertising Network, a global pool of agencies sharing the sector's latest innovations, best practice and local market research.


Little Greta
United Adnet

Our Projects


Perth, Scotland

This involved working with stakeholders to visualise and develop Perth's new identity and image. Incorporating a strong framework of creative initiatives, the brand for Perth promotes sustainable urbanism, wellbeing, and happiness.


Kronoberg, Sweden

Noema’s six-month cultural mapping exercise, to generate fresh ideas for attracting tourists and visitors to a storm-hit town, led to The Storm Centre, a visitors’ attraction and research centre.


Turku, Finland

The project involved working with visual artists, film makers, musicians, urban designers and architects to develop interactive maps, for use in visioning exercises, community consultations, and as a base for regeneration plans.


Sligo, Ireland

One-year cultural mapping project for a city in the west of Ireland. Noema’s work involved advising key stakeholders on planning, tourism, culture and economic development.


Helsingborg, Sweden

Noema has been working with international experts in branding, architecture, and urban design to deliver arts-based projects, alongside a vision of inclusivity, creativity and innovation, for the city.


Lincoln, England

This involved rethinking the identity of the city of Lincoln’s historic quarter, along with identifying key distinctive cultural themes to be used in successful urban, economic and social development strategies.

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